30th Class Reunion
At Van Zandt Country Club
(Thanks to Jerry Dale and Sandra Moon for the following photos)
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Our class had its 30th reunion at the Van Zandt Country Club in April, 1988 with thirty-three of our fifty-three classmates attending.  After a buffet dinner, Kenneth Foster, acting as master of ceremonies, welcomed guests and gave special recognition to Linda Teel Frazier, organizer of the event. 

Pat Wilson and Charles Jordan talked about Mrs. Riley's English class when she acted out "Tale of Two Cities," and the class stopped to count cars as the train passed. 

Billy Don Rusk told about climbing the water tower to paint "SRs '58" for all Wills Point to see.  He refused to name fellow conspirators. 

Tommy Beck told of the senior trip to Galveston sponsored by Reedy Caskey, Francine Hoffman, and Mr. Witcher.  After telling about the trip, all realized why this was the last senior trip for a long while.

The "Most" awards were given to Jenelle Armstrong Neill for the largest number of children, Donald Smith and Myrna Gilbert Rogers for being married the longest, Tommy Beck for traveling the greatest distance to the reunion, and Charles Culver for having the most grandchildren.

At the time of the 30th reunion, four class members and all three class sponsors were deceased.  A moment of silence was observed for the sponsors, Wylie McDaniel, Paula Teel, Janice Halcomb Jackson, and John Neill.

Attending the reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rogers (Myrna Gilbert), Mr. and Mrs. John Frazier (Lynda Teel), Mr. and Mrs. Truman Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Don Whiteside (Linda Jordon), Mr. and Mrs. Loy Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Logan (Linda Davis), Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hargrove, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Culver, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilcoxson, Mr. and Mrs. Coy Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bob Ashworth, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Welch (Avon Cawthon), Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scott (Gloria Hoskins), Mr. and Mrs. Ellis (Karron Hollister), Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lyndell Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Harrelson (Sue Mayfield), Mr. and Mrs. Billy Don Rusk, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dale Moon (Sandra McLeod and Jerry Moon), Mr. and Mrs. David Cartwright (Betty Sue Scott), Mr. and Mrs. Donnis Willis, Pat Ashworth Small, Patsy Shinn Edwards, Charles Jordan, Tommy Beck, Donna Sheppard Coker, Patricia Clemmons Wilson, Gay Calloway Preston, James Adams, Jenelle Armstrong Neil, Bob Lemon, and Mary Mislivets Harris.

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