Our 40th Reunion
September 26, 1998
Wills Point Depot Museum

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40th Reunion Quotes & Observations

bulletLinda (Teel) Frazer, Pat (Ashworth) Small and Kenneth (Hoy-Ho) Foster did a fantastic job putting together the reunion. We all need to thank each of them for their efforts.
bulletThe prize for the longest oral life story goes to James Adams, but only because Tommy Beck did not attend. Kenneth Foster wins the prize for the longest employment full time (Barber - 40 years).
bulletLyndell Kent wins the prize for traveling the farthest for the reunion.
bulletPat (Ashworth) Small wins the prize for changing the least since high school.
bulletGerald Wilcoxson wins the prize for most forgetful (forgot how long he's been married).
bulletBill Rusk wins the prize for losing the most hair.
bulletMemorable quote, "You haven't changed a bit"!
bulletOverheard between Bill, Lyndell and Raymond "What do you mean you remember painting the water tower with us? You stayed on the ground to act as look out." 

Reunion Attendees

James Adams, Billy Bob Ashworth, Pat Clemmons Wilson, Linda Davis Logan, Jerry Dawson, Barbara Flatt Luckett, Kenneth Foster, Raymond Hargrove, Gloria Hoskins Scott, Pat Small, Linda Jordan Whiteside, Lyndell Kent, Sandra McLeod Moon, Mary Mislivets, Jerry Dale Moon, Norma Robbins, Bill Rusk, Donna Sheppard Coker, Linda Teel Frazer, Gerald Wilcoxson, Coy Wilson. 

Help Needed

bulletMore stories exchanged,
bulletPhotos (with names of those in photos)
bulletAnything else anyone wants to share