In Loving Memory
Donnis Keith Willis
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Donnis Willis died of cancer at the age of 50 on April 14, 1990.   He was a tape and bed contractor in the Dallas area for many years before he moved back to Edgewood, Texas and bought a wrecking yard there.  Donnis and his wife, Carolyn, had two children, Carol Jean and Jackie Don.  Carol Jean lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Gary Stolarick, and daughter, Susan Scott.  Carolyn still lives in Edgewood. 

Donnis was one of three children of the former Tom and Zodie Willis of Wills Point.  Donnis' sister is Odie Borden. His two brothers are Charles and Rickey.  Odie lives in the Whitton Community.  Rickey lives in Wills Point and has been the Chief of Police for the past three years (as of 1999).  Charles Willis is currently the Investigator for the Grand Saline Police Department. 

Donnis also had two granddaughters, Susan and Anna, both daughters of Carol Jean and Randy Scott.  Susan lives with her mother and attends college in Pennsylvania.  Anna is currently attending college in Richardson, Texas.  Both of Donnis' granddaughters graduated from Wills Point High School and received college scholarships.  They were recognized for many achievements from Outstanding Academic grades, awards, Student of the Year, Ms. WPHS, and the list goes on...

Carol Jean remembered her dad as being a very generous man who was loved by everyone.  Soon after turning 50 and realizing he would soon be with the Lord, Donnis shared with Carol Jean that he would not be on the earth much longer.  He died a short two weeks later. At his request, Carol Jean helped Donnis plan his funeral, including selecting the music and casket.  He made Carol Jean promise to be strong for her mother and not cry on the day of the funeral. Donnis touched the lives of many people in his short 50 years.  Over 300 friends and family members attended the funeral.   There were more flowers than Donnis' family knew what to do with after the service.  

Carol Jean and her dad were very close--closer than most fathers and daughters.  She said, "I guess you could say, 'I should have been a boy.'   Lord knows I acted like one half the time when I was growing up." 

Special thanks to Rickey and Carol Jean for sharing this information. 

I remember Donnis as a friend who always had a happy smile and would do anything for you.   He never had anything unpleasant to say about anyone.

Bill Rusk
March 6, 1999
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