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This a communications page for the use of Class members.  It is intended as a forum to share personal information and seek  information about other classmates.  Contact me at 972-690-1670 if you have messages you would care to post.

The following were posted by Bill Rusk

bulletDoes anyone know the whereabouts/address of Lylithe Anne Hise? (posted 10/27/98)
bulletNeed the address and information for Patsy York. (posted 10/27/98)
bulletCan someone help with information on our classmates who have departed, i. e., where they lived, survivors, their professions, how they died, when, etc.? (posted 10/27/98)
bulletI have found Linda Green, who was our classmate until she moved away in 1956 with her sister, Sondra.  Sondra was a year behind Linda.  I have Linda's address and phone number, but she has asked me not to post it on the web site.  

Linda sent me an email message on 7/5/99 with the following comment: "I am not sure about what you had in mind with your web site and am reluctant to intrude if this is dedicated to the graduating members of the 1958 class."

I'm sure the rest of the class will agree with my response to Linda, "Hey, you were, and are a member of our class, despite the fact that you moved away and graduated somewhere else.  I have no plans to restrict the members on the page to only those who happened to graduate with us.  I hope you realize that you are part of our class and are definitely welcome to be listed as a member and participate in all activities we have in the future."

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