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Send me an e-mail and tell about your favorite memories and I will show them on this page. If you have photos you would like to share, send those too.

I Remember:

By Sandra (McLeod) and Jerry Dale Moon:

bulletThe first day of school getting picked to go to Miss Mozelle Goodwin's class.
bulletIn the second grade, Ms. Daphine Murphy hitting someone on the shoulder with a paddle.
bulletThe Christmas program in grade school with the wise men dressed in colorful robes walking down the aisle of the auditorium singing "We Three Kings."
bulletGoing to the cafeteria smelling turnip greens, red beans and cornbread and running out the door to Rosile's Cafe for a 20-cent hamburger. (I hated that cafeteria smell.)
bulletIn the sixth grade Billy Don wanting to buy me a candy bar everyday.
bulletA party at Susan Adam's house and the girls lining up to kiss Lyndell Kent. (7th or 8th grade)
bulletHaving a great time every year going to the Fair with the band and Miss Loving acting crazy.
bulletMrs. Wells (study hall or library teacher) wearing gray work socks (no shoes) taped with black electrical tape.  She also taught our girls' Jr/Sr PE class.  She wouldn't let us dance.  Ms. Wells said dancing with boys was evil because the boys would get bad thoughts (maybe sexual?) and they would have to run off to hide. Was that true, guys? [Note by BR: Sandra, SEX and "BAD THOUGHTS" were NOT the first things on our minds then....There were lots of other thoughts such as....uh,.....well,.... uh...I'm sure there must have been other things.    (Guys, help me out!)]

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bulletRiding around and around the Dairy Queen and through town.
bulletDancing at the T&P Lake "DAM."

Slumber parties

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bulletGoing to Calloway Lake, Stump Hollow, Myrtle Springs Park and parties at the American Legion Hut.
bulletBig petticoats under skirts that had 4 yards of material and Bermuda shorts.
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Sandra McLeod & Jerry Dale Moon
"Ready for the Sr. Prom"

Beverly Goodwin
"Every Boy's Sweetheart"
1955 or 1956

Avon Cawthorn
"What a Skirt"


bulletPaula Teel wrecking Frank McFarland's car.
bulletRiding around with Jerry Dale, Billy Bob and Patricia Shelton in his '48 Mercury throwing firecrackers out the window.  Jerry lit a cherry bomb to throw out the back window, but it was rolled up.  The bomb landed in the floor and went off.  The car filled with smoke and we couldn't hear for a couple of days.
bulletGraduation night going to LuAnn's in Dallas, then to Oak Cliff with Charlie Jurden, Avon Cawthon and Jerry.  On the way back Charlie tried to drive all the way home without stopping for a red light.  There were no freeways then.  Think we made it to Terrell.
bulletAnd the senior trip--Well, we all have our memories of that.
bulletBeing in the car with Joe Rice when he gave Mrs. Trixie Lester the ride of her life.  She never did ask for another ride home.
bulletAs I look back these were great times.  We didn't have much money, designer clothes or a car, but I had a great time.  Hope you did too.

By Pat Clemmons:

bulletSwimming at Myrtle Springs.
bulletSmoking in the bathroom in the band hall.
bulletKenneth Foster's dad smiling at me when I handed him my tray in the cafeteria.
bulletWearing 3 starched crinoline petticoats, quilted circular skirts, bobby socks, saddle shoes and "Poodle" hairdos.
bullet"Duck Tail" haircuts.
bulletEast Texas Band Day at the State Fair of Texas.
bulletGoing to the movies on Sunday afternoon.
bulletDancing on the dam at City Lake.
bulletPlaying trombone with the Seven Saints Plus Two (A J. Loving Production)
bulletCharles Jurden asking Mrs. Riley, " What is a virgin?"

Billy Rusk

bulletMr. Roberts urging us to go to college and major in chemistry or physics--his later taking several of us to the University of North Texas (then "North Texas") to tour the physics department and meet professors.
bulletCompeting with Patricia Clemmons in band for first place trombone chair--Ms. Loving was our teacher.
bulletRaymond Hargrove, John Neill, and  Billy Bob Ashworth running from Mrs. Riley's English classroom to be "first in line" in the cafeteria.
bulletRaymond and me double-dating girls in Terrell.
bulletRaymond and me getting his car stuck down a long and muddy rode--and having our dates get out and push!
bulletMr. Robertson, our football coach, would not let us drink water until half-time during football games (he thought it would make us sluggish).
bulletPainting "SRS 58" on the old water tower.
bulletOur senior trip to Galveston -- enough said.
bulletSandra McLeod, Susan Adams, and Rosa Curtis giving me a surprise birthday party when I was about 14 years old.
bulletMy old Cushman motor scooter--and Raymond Hargrove wrecking out on it.
bulletThe night of our graduation and who we each paired off with afterwards.
bulletJanelle, John, Raymond, Sue Scott, stealing peaches from an Elmo orchard--and the terrible itching afterwards by the guys who got peach fuzz on their bare chests.
bulletCircling the Dairy Maiden, then dragging main street, then circling the Dairy Maiden, then dragging... (trying to find and impress girls). As it turned out, I met a beautiful Dallas girl there in 1960 who wound up being my bride.
bulletRaymond and I dated girls in Terrell our Junior and Senior years.
bulletRaymond fighting guys in Terrell just to see who was the toughest.
bulletThe night Raymond abandoned me in Terrell when he drove back to Wills Point without me, IN MY CAR.  And the friendly Terrell cop who helped me get a ride home with a truck driver.
bulletMeat loaf at the school cafeteria. (Yuk!).
bulletSitting by the big cedar trees on the north side of the old high school building after lunch and talking with the girls.
bulletWe macho guys leaving the top 3-4 buttons of our shirts unbuttoned (to show off our "manly" chest hair).
bulletAnnual medical exams in the old gym for athletics in a long line of naked guys ("just cough").
bulletExtra milk in the cafeteria that cost 2-cents.
bulletAll the "really bad" kids who smoked at Rosile's Cafe.
bulletThe worst thing a kid ever did was smoke a cigarette.
bulletPlaying under the old football bleachers in grade school.
bulletSpending Friday nights with fellow football players at our family get-away at the "T&P" Lake after games (safer than having designated drivers).
bulletLake parties at Calloway's lake.
bulletBeing "ripped-off" for $10.00 when making a popular "liquid" purchase from a popular establishment at "Frog."
bulletWatching the construction of the new lunchroom.
bulletHelping the grade school janitor clean erasers.
bulletMy older sister, Carolyn, pretending she didn't know me when with her friends.
bulletCalling my sister "Pee-Wee" in front of her friends.
bulletDance parties at the Terrell National Guard Armory (where I stomped on my dates' toes).