In Loving Memory
Susan Adams
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First Grade

Second Grade

Forth Grade

Susan Adams attended with the Class of '58 through grade school, but moved away sometime before graduating from Wills Point High School.  According to Sandra McLeod (Moon), Susan lived in San Francisco with her husband, _____ Berg, and was a HS counselor at a private school in San Jose.  She was an accomplished seamstress.  Sandra said Susan and Susan's dad (Bruce Adams) came to WP to see Sandra's mother shortly prior to Susan's death and she was able to visit with both Susan and Bruce.  Thereafter, she and Susan corresponded until Susan's death of cancer Oct 22, 2006.

Susan was every boy's sweetheart and is remembered as being an exceptionally sweet girl.  Bill fondly remembers her as the first girl he ever kissed (at a hay ride near the present day location of Lake Tawakoni).

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