Favorite Teachers
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James C. Adams

bulletAs far as favorite teachers, I guess that I would have to say J. T.
Wiggs, the Vocational Agriculture teacher.  Though I only took one year
of vo ag, He always was an inspiration, even in the years after we were
long gone from high school.
bulletThe next would have to be Troy Roberts.  His chemistry, physics,
algebra, trig, and solid geometry classes presented ideas and challenges
that still intrigue to this day.  Although I am not good at any of the
mathematics, I still have a deep interest and a passion for all

Pat Clemmons

bulletWillie Jean Baker - Spanish & History (The sweetest teacher we had)
bullet"Red" Adams - Football Coach & Algebra (Who let me cheat to pass algebra)
bulletMiss Mozelle Goodwin - First Grade (Who taught me to use my out going personality with confidence)
bulletBurl Pitts - Girls Athletics Coach & Math (I pitched for The Junior High Girls Softball Team & we won county meet one year)

Bill Rusk

bulletMrs. Jack Riley--High School English (who forced me to read my first book)
bulletMrs. Pitts in Junior High, who sat on her desk with her legs crossed and....(can't remember what subject she taught!)
bulletMr. Roberts--High School physics, chemistry (who encouraged me to try something challenging)
bulletMrs. Francine Hoffman--Typing, drama (who tried to keep us in line during our senior trip)
bulletMrs. Arnold, our first grade teacher, who taught us to read out of "Dick and Jane."
bulletMrs. Mozell Goodwin, who whipped me because I couldn't finish a math problem on the board.
bulletMrs. Connie Lee, who brought a baby squirrel to the second grade for us to raise.
bulletMr. Casky, our biology teacher and a football coaching assistant.  When we cut up a rabbit in biology class.  The girls were shocked to discover the rabbit had babies not yet born.
bulletMrs. Malone, our sixth grade teacher (I remember our group making a world map which turned out to be a disaster).
bulletMr. Robertson, our football coach who didn't believe in giving us water during long practices.

Please tell about your favorite teachers, stating why, how they inspired you
Also, if you have photos of teachers, we would like to post those.  Just mail them to:
Bill Rusk at 628 Wentworth Drive, Richardson, TX 75081
(I will return all photos)

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