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This page provides information regarding the Wills Point High School Class of '58 web site.  (Information updated Aug 14, 2008 by Bill Rusk)

This site  was originally developed in 1998.  It is being hosted on a Tripod (Lycos-owned) server that is entirely free.  The major negative side of Tripod is the amount of non-controlled advertising, but some may find the ads interesting or useful.

I use Microsoft's "FrontPage" to create and edit pages.  It's really a pretty simple program that takes out the arduous task of writing directly in the HTML language. 

Pat Clemmons (Wilson) and I came up with the original idea to create the "Wills Point Class of '58" web site following our 40th class reunion at the T&P Train Station Museum in Wills Point.  We agreed it would provide a perfect way for us to stay in touch with each other in the coming years.  We wanted a way to keep up with each other, learn about retirements, grandchildren, world travel, and also pay respect to those in our class who have already departed this earth.

To develop the basic architecture for the web site, I "surfed" the internet and looked at other class web sites.  At the time, there were very few.  I sat in my hotel room nights (rather than watching HBO), with my lap-top, pecked away until I came up with basically what you see.  It's simple, but it works!

This web site can only be successful if everyone helps.  I need everyone's help to support the effort by sending in interesting information.  Examples: 


A short bibliography of yourself, telling what you've done since high school.


Fond memories of grade school, junior high, or high school,


Fond memories of teachers,


Photos (which I will scan and return),


Address information on yourself and others (See the Classmate List for those with missing addresses),


Information on deceased class members,


Suggestions on how the web site can be improved,


Anything else you would like to share.

The success of this site depends on class support. 

If anyone has web site construction skills, I welcome your help.

All Email addresses on the site were deleted Dec 2003 to prevent spammers from "harvesting" the addresses.  Anyone needing a member's email address should contact Sue Harrelson or Bill Rusk.  Bill's contact information is:

Bill Rusk
628 Wentworth Drive
Richardson, TX 75081

When you write or call, be sure and give me your email address and phone number.

This project is for me, a labor of love.


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